How to Measure Drawer Size For Undermount Slide

Drawer slide types make a difference! Based on your selection of undermount slides you will need to size your drawer box to facilitate your slides.

Undermount slides will require specific clearances between the drawer sides and the opening sides based on drawer material thickness.

Specific clearance

  • These slides require 1" additional to its usable length; a 21" slide requires 22" of depth.
  • Height: Drawer must be at least 3/4" less than the total cabinet opening height.

Requires special measurements for material thickness

  • For 1/2" drawer material thickness, subtract 5/8" from opening width
  • For 5/8" drawer material thickness, subtract 3/8" from opening width
  • Ex. 19-1/4" (clear opening) - 3/8" (for 5/8" sides) =  18-7/8" will be the width

Special Modifications

These slides will also require special modifications to the drawer for them to be installed. Notching/boring is available when you are filling out your order.

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