How to Measure Drawer Size For Side Mount Slide

Drawer slide types make a difference! Based on your selection of side mount you will need to size your drawer box to facilitate your slides

Specific clearance

  • Requires 1/2" clearance between the drawer and drawer opening on each side of drawer or pullout
    • Subtract a total of 1-1/16" from the clear opening
    • Calculate pullout/rollout width.  Ex. 19-1/4" (cabinet opening) - 1-1/16" = 18-3/16" will be the drawer width
  • Can be installed with as little height clearance as necessary to insure smooth in and out operation (3/8" recommended)
  • Can be installed in either frame-less or face frame cabinets (may require rear mounting bracket on face frame cabinets)

Special Modifications

  • Does not require any special pullout/rollout construction or modification
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