How to Measure Drawer Size For Standard Slides

Drawer slide types make a difference! Based on your selection of side mount, undermount (see below for more information) or center mount slides, you will need to size your drawer box to facilitate your slides

The full extension ball bearing slide and the epoxy euro slide are both side mount slides and will require 1/2" clearance between the drawer side and each of the opening sides

  • Most common "builder grade" slide in use today
  • Is visible on the side of the pullout/rollout shelf when opened
  • Will allow for the pullout/rollout shelf to open approximately 3/4 of it length when fully extended
  • Available in 2" increments from 12" to 22"
  • Easy install
  • Requires 1/2" clearance between the drawer and drawer opening on each side of drawer or pullout
    • Subtract a total of 1" from the clear opening
    • Calculate pullout/rollout width.  Ex. 19-1/4" (clear opening) - 1" = 18-1/4" will be the pullout/rollout width
  • Can be installed in either frameless or face frame cabinets (may require rear mounting bracket on face frame cabinets)
  • If mounting slides in a face frame style cabinet, be sure to purchase slides that will reach to the rear of the cabinet where they can connect to the rear mounting bracket.  Normally, in a kitchen, you will use a 22" slide and in a bathroom, the standard would be 20"
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